What are American breeds? They are bos indicus breeds of beef cattle, developed in the United States, that carry some amount of Brahman inheritance. Recognizing a need for a unified coalition to represent those who produce and market these cattle, the American Breeds Coalition (ABC) was formed.

  The American Breeds Coalition was organized and chartered as a coalition of breed associations with a primary focus in furthering the interests of producers of American breeds of beef cattle. By working together for our common cause, we create a proactive group of members who are dedicated to promoting superior American breeds and their crosses. Typical activities include educational programs and events, research projects, research demonstrations, sales, joint marketing efforts, promotional materials, enhanced positive press coverage, joint advertising, and more.  

American Breeds Coalition sponsors 2012 Beef Improvement Federation meeting
April 18-21, 2012 Houston, Texas

The 44th Beef Improvement Federation (BIF) Annual Meeting and Research Symposium was held April 18 - 21 in Houston and was co-hosted by the American Brahman Breeders Association (ABBA) and Texas AgriLife Extension. The conference is considered the beef industry's premier event. Over 300 industry professionals, researchers, academia and ranchers gathered from across the nation to report on and discuss the most recent beef industry research, and to work to make this research applicable to the ranching world. The American Breeds Coalition (ABC) is pleased to have had this year's meeting focus on the influence of Bos indicus genetics in the U.S.

The ABC was privileged to have sponsored a steak supper at the Fort Bend county fairgrounds on April 19 in conjunction with the BIF meeting, serving a main course of Nolan Ryan Tender Aged steaks. Prior to dinner, a cattle handling demonstration was provided to BIF attendees by Dr. Ron Gill of Texas A&M University using Brahman cattle.

Through this year’s BIF conference, Bos indicus genetics have been recognized for their value in the U.S. beef industry. This is another major step in promoting the benefits of Bos indicus breeds to the country's most prominent beef industry representatives, the people who educate and influence our nation's cattlemen.

BIF attendees enjoy a tour of J.D. Hudgins, Inc., a Brahman breeder representing one of the ABC breeds. Dan Wendt of Wendt Ranch explains about his Santa Gertrudis cattle as part of the BIF tours on April 21.
Dr. Ron Gill of Texas A&M University gives a cattle handling demonstration for BIF attendees prior to the ABC sponsored steak dinner. BIF attendees on the Gulf Coast ranch tour learning about several of the ABC breeds.
  Minutes of the American Breeds Coalition Annual Meeting
February 14, 2012 SALE Committeemen’s Room

The Annual Meeting of the American Breeds Coalition was held on Tuesday, February 14, 2012 in the Committeemen’s Room at the San Antonio Livestock Exposition. The following were in attendance: John Ford, Tyler Graham, Tony Hinojosa, Ervin Kaatz, Beth Mercer, Elaine & Jim Monaghan, Ed Murphy, Collin Osbourn, Tommy Perkins, Jim Reeves, Rodney Roberson, Wendell Schronk & Chris Shivers.

The meeting was called to order at 10:05 AM by Vice President Jim Monaghan. Monaghan opened the meeting by asking Wendell Schronk to give a word of prayer.

Each attendee then introduced themselves and who they represented.

Monaghan thanked a few people and relayed a few remarks from ABC President Dr. Charles Graham.

The next item was to review the minutes of the 2011 Annual Meeting. Rodney Roberson made the motion to approve the minutes and Beth Mercer seconded the motion. The motion was passed unanimously.

Dr. Tommy Perkins gave the financial report as of December 31, 2011 and reported that ABC had spent $1,204.50 over income and currently has $2,848.95 in the bank. John Ford motioned to approve the financial report and this motion was seconded by Chris Shivers. The motion passed unanimously.

The activities planned for 2012 were discussed. These include:

  • American Breeds Coalition Booth in the SALE International Room
  • A sponsored meal and booth at the 2012 BIF Meeting in Houston, Texas.
  • Booth at the Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Convention in Ft. Worth, Texas.
  • Texas A&M University Beef Cattle Short Course Sponsorship and Booth.

Dr. Tommy Perkins made a motion to approve the expenditures to fund a booth at the TSCRA Convention and a $2,000 sponsorship to the 2012 TAMU Beef Cattle Short Course. Ervin Kaatz seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Jim Monaghan then made a presentation to Elaine Monaghan and Jim Reeves of a rifle and a Lifetime Membership to ABC. Both made a few comments and thanked the group for their generosity.

Jim Monaghan then gave the Nominating Committee Report for Chairman E.C. Larkin. The following were nominated as Officers and Directors for 2012:

President: Dr. Charles Graham
Vice President: Jim Monaghan
Secretary: Chris Shivers
Treasurer: Dr. Tommy Perkins

The Board of Directors will consist of designated representatives from the member breed associations.   

John Ford made the motion to accept the Nominating Committee’s Report by acclimation. Beth Mercer seconded the motion and it passed unanimously.

Dr. Rodney Roberson mentioned that The Ear was promoting American Breeds Cattle and that each breed and ABC should utilize them to distribute information.

Dr. Tommy Perkins gave a report on their involvement with MMI Genomics and announced that BBU had been doing their registrations in house for over a year and it was going well.

John Ford announced that SGBI would have an answer on their future with ABRA/ABRI by March 20, 2012. He also reported that ABRA had overcharged his breed and possibly others for some of the work done and that the member breeds affected should be receiving a reimbursement.

Jim Monaghan thanked the group for attending and thanked Dr. Graham for his continued support.

Wendell Schronk suggested that ABC contact TAMU Beef Cattle Short Course Planners and suggest that the 2012 Short Course be dedicated to Dr. Charles Graham.

John Ford motioned that Chris Shivers contact Dr. Jason Cleere and suggest that Dr. Graham be the dedicatee of the 2012 TAMU Beef Cattle Short Course as well as make him President Emeritus of ABC. Beth Mercer seconded the motion and it was passed unanimous.

With no further business Beth Mercer made a motion to adjourn the meeting. John Ford seconded the motion and the meeting was adjourned at 11:00 AM.

  American Breeds Featured in John Deere's The Furrow Magazine
ABC Director Sally Buxkemper recently shared an article with ABC that was featured in The Furrow Magazine published by John Deere. If you'd like to read the article, Click here and visit The Furrow's web site: The article is on page 7.

ABC includes six U.S. beef breed associations who have partnered to create a unique synergy to promote American Breeds. These associations have been part of the ABC since it’s inception and work together to spread the word about the positive influence that eared-cattle play in the beef industry. Please visit these association sites for more information about their groups.

While each of these eared breeds still maintain an aggressive and competitive nature when it comes to selling their individual breeds, each is wise enough to know that there is strength in numbers and at times it is advantageous to cooperate with one another. The goal of ABC is to spread the word about the role that eared influenced cattle play in the beef industry.

Association Name Phone Number Web Site
American Red Brangus Association     512-858-7285 americanredbrangus.org
American Brahman Breeders Association   713-349-0854     brahman.org
Beefmaster Breeders United  210-732-3132  beefmasters.org
Santa Gertrudis Breeders International  361-592-9357 santagertrudis.com
United Braford Breeders   936-569-8200   brafords.org
Simbrah (American Simmental Association)  406-587-4531 simbrah.org

2012 ABC Member List >> Click to View

  Throughout the year, ABC hosts seminars and participates in events promoting American breeds throughout the nation, particularly in the southern region. We have held events in Alabama, Arkansas,  Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. We also encourage you to visit our association member web sites for upcoming events within in their breed.


Membership in the ABC is open to anyone interested in helping the promotion and educational events of those involved with American-influenced cattle. We offer three levels of membership:

  • Association Membership – For associations of beef cattle developed in America and which contain some degree of Brahman breeding in their genetic make-up. $250 annual dues.
  • Affiliate Membership – For those entities involved in feeding, processing, marketing or promoting Brahman-influenced cattle. $250 annual dues.
  • Individual / Ranch Supporting Membership – For individuals, partnerships, or corporations actively involved in the production of Brahman-influenced cattle. This class of membership does not have voting privileges as they are represented through their specific breed associations provided that breed is a member. $50 annual dues.

Click here for a membership form and get involved with ABC. Your membership dollars are wisely invested in the education, promotion, and marketing of American breed cattle.

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